Saturday, May 27, 2017

Second Crafts Fair Fast Approaching


Well, I'm prepping for my 2nd craft fair, 1st major one.  I attended a local show a few weeks ago and ended up selling 4 of my hooded towels.  It was more of a vendor fair than it was a craft fair, live and learn. 

I inquired about a show in Hyannis, Massachusetts through a promoter Castleberry Fairs that does quite a few on Cape Cod.  I have attended a few of their shows in previous years and was impressed with the whole setup.  It is a juried show so there are no vendors, strictly handmade arts & crafts.

I am planning on having a couple hundred of the hooded towels and perhaps some smaller items if time allows.

I bought a banner and updated my business card with Lighthouse Lane Crafts store from Vista Print.  I ordered a new Quik Shade Canopy with walls from Amazon.

I hope to do a couple or few more of these fairs on Cape Cod this summer.  After this first one I'll know if it will be worth my time and effort to continue.  I should also know which items and designs  to concentrate on for the next one.

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