Friday, March 31, 2017

First Craft Fair

Okay, after this many years of doing crafts, I'm finally doing a craft show.

I'm starting small for the first one, small venue, not overly crowded and close to home.  I have an Etsy shop Lighthouse Lane Crafts.  I have an eCommerce store through Shopify Lighthouse Lane Crafts and sell on a bunch of yard sale sights through facebook. 

I will be bringing hooded towels, checkbook covers, dog poop bag holders, small purses, some hipster purses and hand sanitizer holders.

 I have a space that is 8' x 4'.  I am bringing a chair and a 6' table with a black table cover and a black floor length skirt.  I have risers for the table that will add height and depth to my display.  I have bags for some items and cake boxes for the hooded towels.  I have a paypal card reader to accept credit cards.  I have business cards. 

I'm bringing my phone and ipad also.  A money box. 

I know I'm forgetting something!!!!  That's why I'm trying one close to home, Hubby should be waiting by the phone, just in case!!!

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